District Officers Responsibilities


The District Director shall have the following duties:

  1. Shall have primary responsibility for the continuance of activities in the district and the solicitation of membership.
  2. Shall screen applicants for membership.
  3. Shall appoint all committee chairpersons in the district.
  4. Shall oversee local area chapters and their officers in respect to ongoing activities.
  5. Shall work for the formation of local chapters.
  6. All District Directors are limited to activities within the boundaries of their respective districts with respect to membership and dues.
  7. Shall provide financial reports for the District and Chapters within the District as per the LPA Policy Manual.
  8. Shall train the district director-elect.
  9. Shall assist with the preparation of Form 990 each year by the timely providing the requisite financial information for the district to the Board of Directors, or other person designated by the Board of Directors to prepare the Form 990.
  10. The Council of District Directors (as that term is defined in Article VIII, Section 1) shall meet with the Board of Directors, by phone or in person, at least 2 times per year, at a time and place to be determined by a majority of the Council of District Directors. In addition, during a Council Meeting (as that term is defined in Article VIII, Section 6), a majority of the then-present District Directors may request additional meetings with the Board of Directors to address any specific concerns about any decisions of the Board of Directors.
  11. District Directors shall continue to receive and/or have access to minutes of all Board of Director meetings. Board of Director meetings are open to the public unless the Board is in a “closed session.”


The District Director shall be responsible to see that at least one meeting per year shall be held within six months prior to the National Conference. All District Meeting sites that are in a public facility will be fully accessible to people with disabilities. A majority of the Council of District Directors (as that term is defined in Article VIII, Section 1) may call additional meetings of the District Directors (each, a “Council Meeting”) at any time and place of their choosing; provided that such Council Meetings must allow for attendance via teleconference or other similar means.


  1. A District Director may resign effective upon giving written notice to the majority of the Board Members, unless the notice specifies that the resignation shall be effective at a later time.
    1. A District Director who fails to fulfill his or her duties, including failing to attend meetings or failing to fulfill tasks designated by these Bylaws or the Board of Directors, may be removed; provided, however, that such removal must be authorized by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board Members then in office who find that such District Director failed to fulfill his or her duties.
    2. A District Director shall be removed if such District Director is: (i) declared of unsound mind by a final order of court; (ii) convicted of a felony; or (iii) found by a final order or judgment of any court to have breached a duty to the Corporation.
  2. A vacancy shall be deemed to exist upon the occurrence of the death, resignation, or removal of any District Director or Assistant Director, or if the authorized number of District Directors is increased. The Assistant Director will fill the vacancy of its District Director for the remainder of the District Director’s term. The vacancy of the Assistant Director will be filled with appointment by the District Director, and such appointed Assistant Director shall serve until the next district meeting of members in that respective district. At that time, the district will vote to fill the office of Assistant Director for the rest of the term. Should both the District Director and Assistant Director positions become vacant within the term of office, the vacancies shall be filled by election at the next district meeting of members in that respective district.


  • Responsible for District Financials
  • Works closely with District Director on Financial needs
  • Provides quarterly District financials to LPA National
  • Provides quarterly Chapter financials to LPA National


  • Provides Admin responsibilities for the District
  • Writes information, about the District for the LPA Today
  • Attends all District meetings and takes notes
  • Provides assistance at the registration table for District Regionals.