Welcome to the LPA District 6 website. District 6 is made up of Illinois and Wisconsin, we have approximately 175 families in the area. D6 has 5 chapters.

Today, Little People of America, the largest organization in the world devoted to people of short stature, has more than 5,000 members and assists in the formation of related groups throughout the world.

For almost 50 years Little People of America, Inc. (LPA) has been providing support to people with dwarfism. People with dwarfism come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. More than 80 percent are born to average-size parents with no history of dwarfism in the family.

Although some types of dwarfism may have associated medical complications, most short-statured individuals have a normal life span and normal intelligence. People with dwarfism achieve the same range of career paths as average-size persons.

Our on-line and National Parents Group provides valuable information and opportunities for families. Children meet short-statured adult role models as well as other children with dwarfism. It is important to know that they are not alone. Parents exchange ideas and learn about health care, adapting the home and school, laws that address their children's needs, and everyday community experiences.

LPA offers important support and guidance to teens and young adults on many issues, from dating, to scholarships, to choosing a college or career.

LPA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism throughout their lives while celebrating with great pride Little People’s contribution to social diversity. LPA strives to bring solutions and global awareness to the prominent issues affecting individuals of short stature and their families.

LPA, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. Hundreds of dedicated LPA volunteers throughout the US seek to improve the quality of life for short-statured people everywhere.

LPA offers information on employment, education, disability rights, adoption of short-statured children, medical issues, clothing, adaptive devices, and parenting tips. Information is provided through a national newsletter, LPA Today, and numerous seminars and workshops which occur regionally at District Meetings, and nationally at our yearly National Conference. LPA also provides opportunities for social interaction as well as participation in athletic events through our sister organization, the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).

In addition, Little People of America, also offers educational scholarships, medical-assistance grants, adoption assistance and community outreach programs.

More information can be found at LPA Online