Bio for Tom Lash

Working for the Internal Revenue Service for over 25 years I fully understand the importance of the reporting requirements of the quarterly financials has toward our tax exempt status.  As a result, I would have an “Open Door” policy with all Chapter Presidents/Treasurers to work together to make certain that all financials are submitted as required.  Over my 8 + years as being an officer with the Windy City Chapter, I have ensured that our chapter has continually filed all required financial reports in a timely manner.

As treasurer, I would bring a better accountability to our district by making available on a yearly basis a full disclosure of all the district financial statements.  I would look for ways to provide cost savings alternatives to district members, i.e. on-site regional fees, which I maintain for LP families are one of the highest of all the districts.

Through my tenure with the Windy City Chapter I have worked to ensure that our chapter has remained vibrant.  It is with this passion that I will work as District Treasurer to make sure that our district remains “The best District in The Midwest”.